Welcome your clients and customers with locally grown, seasonal stems!

Business subscription bouquets will come arranged in a coordinating vase approximately* every one-two weeks throughout our growing season. You will receive eight (8) bouquets arranged and delivered between June & September.

Arrangements will be delivered* to your business.

Connect with your local flower farm to incorporate beautiful stems into your business! A subscription is a great way to ensure you receive some of the best specialty stems coming out of our fields and a growing season full of fresh, beautiful flowers. By subscribing, you help us to invest in the coming season, support local agriculture, and our local community. From field to vase, our business subscription stems are harvested the day before delivery to ensure the longest vase life possible. 

For more information or any questions, please email us at stems605@gmail.com

*Due to Mother Nature and weather, pickup/deliveries may be altered at our discretion. You are guaranteed 8 bouquets over the timeline listed above.

Delivery is limited to Mitchell, SD city limits unless otherwise arranged. 
Please email with any questions or to discuss alternative delivery options.

A few details for subscription flowers:

Stems subscriptions are made up of fresh, locally grown flowers arranged into hand-crafted bouquets throughout our South Dakota growing season

All of our stems are:

  • freshly cut
  • locally and sustainably grown: we don’t use any synthetic chemicals or floral foam
  • seasonally inspired
  • wrapped in kraft paper sleeves (business subscriptions delivered in a coordinating vase)

Pick Ups or Delivery:

  • Tickled Pink (217 N Main St, Mitchell) from 10am to 6pm on select days
  • Delivery ($20 total delivery fee- limited to Mitchell, SD city limits unless otherwise arranged)
  • Your Business (business subscriptions include delivery to your place of business)

What can I expect?

  • All bouquets will be freshly cut and hand-crafted with approximately 10-25 stems.
  • Each week will be unique but true to the season we are in.
  • Stems may include (but are not limited to) sunflowers, lisianthus, cosmos, ranunculus, asters, zinnias, snapdragons, stock, unique foliages & other specialty annual & perennial flowers.


What if I am on vacation one week? All of our flowers are cut and perishable. We are unfortunately not able to hold them. If you are out of town, please arrange for someone else to pick up or accept the delivery of your bouquet. This would make an excellent gift for a neighbor or co-worker. If you are not home at the time of delivery, it is your responsibility to provide a shaded, protected location and set out a glass of water for your bouquet.

Will my bouquet come in a vase? All seasonal subscriptions will be wrapped in kraft paper and ready for you to place in your own vase. The business subscription will be delivered in a vase which will be swapped out at each delivery.

When will my subscription start? The fields will start blooming in mid to late May, depending on weather. An email and/or text will be sent out ahead of time to notify of our start date.

How do I care for my flowers?

  • The best thing you can do for your flowers is to change the water frequently and make sure that the vase you are using remains clean.
  • Re-cutting the stems of your flowers every few days will ensure proper hydration for the flowers.

How do you grow your flowers?

    • All our stems are grown using sustainable practices. We use a low-till agricultural method, cover crops to reduce the erosion of topsoil, and no synthetic chemicals.
    • We never arrange with floral foam which is harmful to humans and to the environment.
    • We start our own seeds indoors through the winter to get a jump start on the growing season.

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